Sunday, January 31, 2010

Awesome Video Sunday

Well this video is pretty funny, probably more so if you know H.P. Lovecraft

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Awesome Video Sunday

So instead of doing a funny video, i'll do one that I find awesome, cool, weird, or yes-- awesome. Here we go.

So I thought this was kinda funny. I mean there's a baby and a dog. Can't go wrong with that I suppose.

The Road

A few nights ago I saw a movie called The Road. The Road is a post-apocalyptic story about a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) traveling south to reach the coast. There really isn't much more to the plot than that. It's really just a basic story of survival. Survival from starvation, the elements around them, and worst of all-- cannibals. Yep. It appears in whatever disaster that took place, there's no food really left in the world. Not any fresh food anyways. So there are many cannibals within this story.
While not being the most engaging movie, The Road is an interesting tale of how the world may be if some untold disaster did in fact destroy all vegetation and stuff on earth. Go and see it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doug Reviews: Radiohead

Radiohead is grown on me heavily over this past semester, easily becoming one of my favorite bands. This band's music is unique to be sure, with some of their music with rock as basic as can be, while other stuff is just plain weird (and everything in between). Let's take a look at each album in order of release.

Pablo Honey (1993)
The first album released by Radiohead is one I haven't listened to as much. It is the last addition to my collection and I still am getting used to it. Probably the most well known song on here is "Creep", which is a pretty good song in my opinion. Nice and slow. I also very much enjoy "Anyone Can Play Guitar".

The Bends (1995)
Ah. How do I begin with The Bends? This album is definitely one of my favorites, although I'm not sure if it would be #1 or #2...oh well. This great album is complimented by wonderful songs like "High and Dry", "Planet Telex", and farther down the track list: "My Iron Lung" and "Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was". This particular set of songs is great at helping me get to sleep, especially in the loud dorms at night. Overall, a really great one.

OK Computer (1997)
I'd say this album is middle ground for me. Not my favorite to beOhb sure, but still a good listen. Apparently the song "Karma Police" is well-known, but before I listened to Radiohead, I've only known it by name. Whatever. Another unique song on this is "Fitter Happier", where a robot voice talks. It's interesting and even a bit funny. So there's that one.

Kid A (2000)
Oh boy. This particular album is a bit different. The whole electronic-ness of this album makes it incredibly also makes it not my favorite. Still, it's worth a listen. The song "Idioteque" is apparently a very popular one. It's pretty cool. Woot.

Amnesiac (2001)
Well. I don't have this one unfortunately. So...yeah. I just listened to "Pyramid Song" though, and it's got the usual Radiohead flair to it, so that's good. The music video for it is cool too, so yeah. Hopefully i'll be able to get this album sooner or later.

Hail to the Thief (2003)
Heh. This is my other favorite Radiohead album to be sure. The first two songs "2+2=5" and "Sit Down. Stand Up." are among my favorites. Woot x2. Again, this album is great-I mean great for getting to sleep. Many relaxing riffs make for restoring rest. And does it ever.

In Rainbows (2007)
This is another album I need to get acquainted with better, but you far so good.

Overall: Good stuff here. Good band. Good music. Hopefully there will be more to come.

update: Alright, i've been listening to Pandora (radio thinger), so I heard one song I haven't heard "The Trickster". Check it out, it rocks.


The last few nights i've been having odd dreams. I few nights ago I had one with zombies in it. I don't remember actually seeing any zombies in that part, but there was a room full of people and I threw a baseball bat to Micah Ricke. The next part of that dream was more intense with fast moving freaky creatures and stuff. So...yeah.

This morning I had one in a dream-land where I think i've been before (you know the feeling). This one was a "mall", but didn't show many mall-like stores. There was a church though, which is odd for a mall. The whole area was large and open, with walkway ledges. My math teacher from high school was reading this boring book aloud in a large open area, and my girlfriend was around there somewhere. The whole thing was really weird.

Crazy Icy

Man oh man. The sidewalks today were incredibly slippery. I think I almost fell a few times. This ice isn't the nice see-able ice that used to be around. MLC used pebbles to get rid of that. Yes, pebbles, not salt. yeesh. I guess I should be thankful today for those little rocks. They were actually nice. Speaking of salt, the MLC grounds crew or whatever they're called really needs to learn how to throw down salt. The only salt I saw was in large piles in random sidewalk spots. Ugh. Thats like if I threw down salt at the end of the walkway to our house, but did nothing else. Oy Vey. I guess i'm ranting a bit, but still.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Room

So apparently the "fam" is moving me downstairs and such. You probably know this stuff already, but hey. Here's some pics of the new room colour and carpet.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Math Class Writings

So i've been writing a lot of stuff during math class. It's not all that great, but i'll still share it with you.

Math quiz
Wasting time
Subsets taught
Josh drawing pigs
Tatooed lady pic
Planets, no Pluto
The empty set is a subset of C
2 more minutes
I don't know why
I'm making clock noises
The clock is digital

Pie Time: Andes Mint Pie

So today at lunch I was looking around for some food, when all of a sudden in the dessert cooler thing there was a pie.
At first it appeared to be a simple French Silk pie, but as I crept closer the contrast of green and brown told me of its minty contents.
I quickly grabbed a piece and sat down. Oh man.

Totally worth it. This is probably the best pie we have here at MLC, i wish they had it more often.

Heck Yes.


Oh man. I had so much bacon for breakfast. mmm...
But alas, bacon cannot last forever.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny Video Sunday?

I guess I could try and post a funny video I found on Sundays if I remember. Here's one.

Wanna hear a joke? Twilight.

Borderlands (Xbox 360)

Borderlands, which was released in 2009, is a first person shooter game. Now I had high hopes for this game ever since Game Informer previewed the game several years ago. This game looked EPIC. Now that it's released though, it isn't quite up to those epic standards I really hoped for. I'm not saying that the game is terrible, or that I didn't enjoy it or anything- I really did, and still do. It's just that it could have been so much better.
Borderlands main selling feature is the thousands and thousands of guns that you can find in the game. Some are simplistic, like the starting weapons, but others are complex pieces of machinery. Some of the more interesting weapons include: rocket launchers that shoot multiple rockets, revolvers that burst enemies into flames, and sub-machine guns that shoot corrosive acid. Along with fire and acid, there are two other special effects that guns can have (shock and explosive), making for some interesting weapons. Having these particular weapon effects makes the game quite fun and interesting, but could have been even more enjoyable with the inclusion of more special gun effects (maybe a freezing effect?).
A second way to make guns more interesting would be to make them customizable. Personally, I never feel overly attached to any of the guns, and by being able to customize them, players would feel more attached to their death-dealing arsenal.
Now onto the actual game. Note: the beginning of the game is really boring due to the lack of interesting weapons and boring enemies. As the game continues, the enemies and locales become greater in interest. Sadly, this leads me into another point: the enemy AI is not very good. For the most part the many raider type enemies that I fought duck behind cover, run around to a different piece of cover, or worse: stand still. The developers really need to fix this problem if they make a sequel (which I very much hope they do).
All in all, if you like shooting interesting weapons and a fun co-op game- check out Borderlands.

P.S.- This game has a very MMO feel to it, with the basic questing and such, so yeah.

Edit: So I finally beat the game after how long....what a terrible ending. Yeesh. I mean, not fulfilling at all. The only reward I got at the end was a bunch of money. Whoop-dee-doo I already had more than I could ever spend. I wanted a cool gun...and I only found 2 alien guns in the whole game...oh well.


Man. Have I been watching a lot of movies this weekend. So far it totals to...four. Let's see, there was Liar Liar, Shrek 2, Yes Man, and Terminator Salvation. The only one i've seen before was Shrek 2, which I've always liked. I enjoyed them all pretty much though. Here's my impressions on these things.

Shrek 2
This movie I believe is my favorite from Dreamworks' abysmal CG kids movies. Shrek 1 was also good, but I like this one more so. Anyways, Dreamworks sadly thought they needed to make a third Shrek movie a year or two ago. I had no urge to see it at all, do to the obvious money-grubbing nature of the movie. Same thing as all those direct to DVD sequels that Disney keeps popping out. *sigh* Almost forgot, they're making a fourth one. Oh my goodness. This never needed to be done...ever. Well, I guess i'll just stick to the brilliant Pixar movies for animated joy.

Terminator Salvation
Alright. The Terminator series is pretty awesome. By that I mean Terminator 1 and 2 were amazing...3 was action-full but not really good. It was a reason to make more money. I still enjoyed the action parts. And of course the TV show i didn't watch. meh.
So here we have Terminator Salvation...hmm...well it's not like the first 2. Still full of action, but not that much uniqueness. I think we've all seen enough human v.s. T-800 fights. geez. I guess Salvation did add motorcycle terminators...but they werent that cool and had USB drives installed for some reason. Eh. Oh well.
The biggest problems I had with this movie is 1) I didn't feel for the characters (almost as bad as in Public Enemies) and 2) John Connor is some superhuman robot-killing menace. He will. not. die. So many times he should have died, and didn't. yeesh.
All in all, I did enjoy this movie. There really isn't an alternative for robot v.s. human fights (except maybe Transformers...)

Liar Liar
Brilliant. Truly one of Jim Carrey's best. If you don't like Carrey, then you'll hate this, but otherwise....yeah. I loved it.

Yes Man
Liar Liar
- 50% of Jim Carrey's extreme humor
= Yes Man

Still good. Funny Stuff, but it seems they were trying to make another Liar Liar-esque movie.

So yeah. Overall a decent movie weekend. I'll post again if I see any more.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So my Literature and Writing class has a lot of poetry material, which i'm actually ok with. Due to this i've been writing a lot of poems lately. Maybe i'll post some here, maybe not.

I wonder what happened to that one poem i wrote like 4 years ago....hmm

Sunday, January 10, 2010

School Then. has started up again for the semester. Not too exciting. I mean i'm not totally against school, its just that I don't want to do homework- especially math (blech).
Weekends are very boring as well, not too much to do here in New Ulm. One friend who was here last semester, but left this semester dropped by to see people and hang out...yeah not the best choice for fun hahaha.

New Blog Thinger

So, I decided to blog it up. Pretty much i'm going to just put stuff that i'm thinking about and all that. I dunno. Let's see how this all goes down.