Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Update

I know I havent posted in awhile, so here's some updates on my life.

1) I made College Choir, which is the selective choir at MLC. Thats cool. I'm a Bass 2.
2) We just had the housing lottery for next year, so I got to pick which room I wanted. I got some prime real estate near the bathroom. Plus it seems most of the loud people are on a different floor, which is awesome.
3) Tomorrow is tax day, so get to it people who have to pay taxes.
4) I am fed up with piano, i'm so sick of it. I can easily use a computer program to do the same stuff. I'm going to forget it for sure.
5) Still loving my new TV, although my HDMI cable doesnt really make anything look much makes things easier though for sure.
6) History test tomorrow. Piece of cake.

Thats is for now, I hope to update more frequently, but things are busy lately.

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