Friday, February 26, 2010

Pros and Cons

Well there have been some huge pros and cons this week, let us elaborate:

Pros: New TV, its pretty sweet. I really need to get an HDMI cable though, Bioshock doesn't look all that great in 480p or whatev.

Cons: I'm sick. Yuck. I've missed two classes today so far. One of them was a test too...ugh. I have two more classes, I really need to go to the one for a first aid test. I'll see if i'm up to going to math.
-I'd go to the nurse, but this next week is "EFE" week for freshman, which is something I HAVE to do, and if I am quarantined, there's no chance of that. And I would'nt have a ride home today either, which means I would be in the dorms by myself practically for a week-just being sick.

Pray for me, and hope when I see a doctor they can make the sickness go away, or at least lessen it...


  1. Why would they quarantine you??

  2. Well thats what they do here for preventing sickness. Apparently anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and moist towelettes can stop swine flu (which is a virus)...this school is just so messed up in some things.

  3. They said to use Anti-bacterial wipes/sanitizer to stop swine flu here too. Stupid.

    I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your new tv even though you are sick!