Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Havent posted in awhile

Well, I'm back at school. Some points i'll quickly hit

1) Weather has been pretty nice. The ground seems to finally be drying up thank goodness. But the ground look terrible. I see footprints in the mud, tire tracks in the mud, and a large water hose in the mud (odd). At least I can see the whole sidewalk now.

2) School is back. I need to take a test I missed before break. Also math appears to be alright lately.

3) Bioshock is still awesome. Don't ruin the story for yourself, it is amazing to see it in action. I wish it had not been ruined for me...

4) Gotta order that HDMI cable...I really would like to see what full HD looks like.

5) I found a roommate for next year, hopefully that'll work out well.

I guess that's all for now. Just thought i'd update. I have a few posts i've been working on, but aren't done. They'll get up eventually

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