Sunday, January 17, 2010


Man. Have I been watching a lot of movies this weekend. So far it totals to...four. Let's see, there was Liar Liar, Shrek 2, Yes Man, and Terminator Salvation. The only one i've seen before was Shrek 2, which I've always liked. I enjoyed them all pretty much though. Here's my impressions on these things.

Shrek 2
This movie I believe is my favorite from Dreamworks' abysmal CG kids movies. Shrek 1 was also good, but I like this one more so. Anyways, Dreamworks sadly thought they needed to make a third Shrek movie a year or two ago. I had no urge to see it at all, do to the obvious money-grubbing nature of the movie. Same thing as all those direct to DVD sequels that Disney keeps popping out. *sigh* Almost forgot, they're making a fourth one. Oh my goodness. This never needed to be done...ever. Well, I guess i'll just stick to the brilliant Pixar movies for animated joy.

Terminator Salvation
Alright. The Terminator series is pretty awesome. By that I mean Terminator 1 and 2 were amazing...3 was action-full but not really good. It was a reason to make more money. I still enjoyed the action parts. And of course the TV show i didn't watch. meh.
So here we have Terminator Salvation...hmm...well it's not like the first 2. Still full of action, but not that much uniqueness. I think we've all seen enough human v.s. T-800 fights. geez. I guess Salvation did add motorcycle terminators...but they werent that cool and had USB drives installed for some reason. Eh. Oh well.
The biggest problems I had with this movie is 1) I didn't feel for the characters (almost as bad as in Public Enemies) and 2) John Connor is some superhuman robot-killing menace. He will. not. die. So many times he should have died, and didn't. yeesh.
All in all, I did enjoy this movie. There really isn't an alternative for robot v.s. human fights (except maybe Transformers...)

Liar Liar
Brilliant. Truly one of Jim Carrey's best. If you don't like Carrey, then you'll hate this, but otherwise....yeah. I loved it.

Yes Man
Liar Liar
- 50% of Jim Carrey's extreme humor
= Yes Man

Still good. Funny Stuff, but it seems they were trying to make another Liar Liar-esque movie.

So yeah. Overall a decent movie weekend. I'll post again if I see any more.

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